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LOU GORBEA 20.09.10

August 21, 2010


It all started twelve months earlier at a tiny vegetarian organic soul food restaurant on the city’s east edge on a hot humid late August night.Those twenty-five or so in attenDance were the first to taste Tambor’s delight without speculation as to this would be “IT.”Those in attenDance were small in number that understood Tambor was destined to be just another local party thrown by local DJ’s that happened to be local party promoters.Tambor was just another night of deep tribal afro-centered house music.It was just another Saturday night where people went out on the town just to get out of the house, apartment or what have you just because it was a beautiful summer weekend where there was not much sense in wasting a perfectly incredible night; weather wise.

So the few in number stumbled into the restaurant’s basement half-heartily with that been there and done that visage.Even the deep tribal afro-house sounds that played in the restaurant’s basement were nothing new or outstanding.Those songs could be easily downloaded from any of the several underground dance website hosted on the web.Sure, the small crowd danced, sung, hooped and hollered but their behavior wasn’t out of the norm.Also, the night’s local guest DJ that was all too happy to make the guest smile dropped deep infectious house grooves knew deep within his heart there was always room for improvement.Yep, it was just another night.Another one of those nights where not much cash was made at the door and the registers hardly rang with sound.

What was it about this restaurant that housed such local events?Was it the organically grown collards or hand-made cornmeal that drew patrons to the parties?Whatever the reason people were just as likely to sit upstairs and taste the culinary delights rather than to dance downstairs to soulful house.One could easily shrug the night away with looming thoughts of average, predictable or lame.Although expectations were low for the small turnout little did anyone predict this was just the beginning of things to come.

As if overnight Tambor had outgrown its humble roots to become a legendary party.The reason for this occurrence metamorphosed several myths.Some argued people were paid to attend the events.Others believed some self contrived ulterior motive was behind Tambor’s rise.Despite the critic’s skeptic, no one was able to truly articulate, nor comprehend Tambor’s rise to fame.

No one dared dream Tambor would grow on such a colossal scale.But it happened.And despite some minute opposition within the house community many were not disappointed.The Tambor tribe partied hard.The tribesters partied without a worldly care believing such parties had occurred since the dawn of time.No one seemed phased at how long the winning streak was destined to last or when it would end.

Happy One Year Birthday Tambor!

Above photograph by Carlos Bell/Below photographs by John Crooms

Video by Ari Johnson/courtesy of Stan Zeff