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January 15, 2010


The air within the club donned a rich celebratory spirit. A spirit that loudly resonated true freedom had yet to be obtained but immense strides had been gained. In response, several faces entering the club displayed notoriety that announced, “Although I’m not totally free at least I’m freer than what I once was.”

The reminder that freedom not yet a global mandate was quickly reinforced by the vast amounts of medical supplies collected at the club’s front door for recent earthquake victims in a poverty stricken nation. Although, there still lay ahead a long journey towards true freedom, at least tonight they could freely celebrate what freedom they possessed.

Let’s reference the times when people were unable to freely gather or assemble to celebrate. Let us remember when certain individuals were unable to freely assemble in certain venues due to the name of discrimination. Just think there was a time when music could not be played at certain venues; a time when certain genres of music or songs were not played based on the singer(s) uncontrollable physical attributes. Then there were the times when people were unable to physically dance in public establishments. And to think those times were not in the distant past.

Thankfully, progress had been achieved in certain areas and Tambor represented this achievement the changing of the old guard from the new. Tambor possessed such a unique contrary in the city’s stagnant nightlife. There were no airs about one’s appearance, dress, creed or sexual orientation. Tambor was about the love of individual freedom. So much so that the point to honor past activists and civil leaders lingered on the minds of Tambor’s founders. As a result, “Let Freedom Reign” banners hung throughout the club’s throngs. Black and white photos of slain civil rights activists graced brick and mortar walls to illustrate the current generation was more than bricklayers and manual laborers but brain surgeons, business lawyers and civic leaders. Sure there was much left unaccomplished by the smiling civil legends hanging on the walls but tonight a celebration ensued to honor their legacy that was sure to not die for generations to come.

For this reason Tambor initiated Freedom Friday; to celebrate the rite of freedom. Freedom from bondage, freedom from oppression, freedom from depression, freedom from suffrage and freedom from pain.

Photography courtesy of John Crooms