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December 20, 2009


Suddenly, it happened. Like a mighty wind the night’s most unforgettable anthem blew through the room like Pentecost. The song so powerful sent chills up the spine to the neck. A song so anointed it caused one to run into the bathroom and jump up down-holy ghost style. No joke, this was chuuuccchhh!

You know the Sunday morning African American churches that sit dead smack in ill-fated communities-the kind that are beacon of hopes to downtrodden neighborhoods. Yes, tonight, church was at Kaya. The party became a spirit-filled service equipped with organs, drums and soul claps. Screaming sisters and toe stomping brothers shouted up and down the aisles to the point of almost passing out in the spirit. Thankfully, no wigs or pieces of weave fell off jerking heads and onto the floor.

The scene in the basement resembled popcorn popping in a microwave. Bodies bounced off walls, fell to the floor and some exploded with spontaneous combustion. There were dancers bent over with outstretched arms, dancers that jumped and down with joy and dancers that screamed at the top of their lungs with joy. Not one soul was immune to the righteous onslaught. As far as the eye saw, within the fall walls, a sea of arms was raised in the air as if God was the DJ.

The reason for this spectacle an evangelist’s voice preaching, “Save Your Soul” fell from the heavens backed by a heavenly host singing “yeah.” Instead of a song’s traditional drum beat the anthem was filled with glorious handclaps. A closer inspection revealed actual handclaps were heard about the room during the semi-virtual church experience.

Detroit export New York City import, Quentin Harris kept the holiday feast brewing. Around 2:30 am spirit filled house music turned into classic disco. Then the 1970’s gave way to 1980’s in the form of dance R n’ B. Quentin being a mastermind producer dropped several signature productions from his gift back. There was the classic gospel anthem from Mary Mary’s, “Shackles” riding over some dirty house beat to the soothing R n’ B vocal rifts of Lisa Stansfield’s, “If I Could Change.” Then from nowhere, Quentin delivered his rework of Donnie’s, “Cloud 9(The Quentin Harris Shelter Mix) to those still with sweat on the dance floor. What a marvelous gift.

After the yuletide celebration, Quentin posed for several photos in front of Tambor’s iconic banner hanging against an exposed brick walls. While in mid-pose, he showed off several skilled dance moves. Way to go Detroit!

Photography by Carlos J. Bell