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November 22, 2009


I hope that was the party that put Tambor on the map,” said Mother House.

Fierce winds rushed through the building as heavenly chords fell to the ground below. This was the stuff dreams were made of and Tambor had all the makings. The music, the life and the joy all bundled up into one as a neatly wrapped Christmas gift under a newly decorated tree. Once opened all could experience such a joy.

The drums signaled the coming of greatness. Although at the time no one expected it. The music’s magnetic pull penetrated the depths of souls. Mighty voices welcomed the coming while various instruments recorded the comings every move. Even the dancers, in on the act, interpreted its swift movements through graceful sautés and plies.

Talking drums talked, whistles screamed and hands clapped to the unheard song. Warm synth pads created lush melodies as trumpets resounded with joy while smooth bass guitars punched deep in delight. However, no one knew this tune, melody or tempo. This experience being not visible or tangible could not be touched or its force trapped within four walls. This experience could only be birthed through music.

This was the time of the anointed; the time of planetarium alignment; the time when God smiles upon the face of the earth; and the time of heavenly rapture when all were transported to a galaxy far away.

Although this experience was heralded with open arms, warranted and even dreamed of. No one dared predict if or when the experience would arrive. Many tried to contrive such an experience while others tried to consummate its formula. Some had seen past experiences like this come and go and many had heard of such comings and goings but so few had witnessed its captivating grasp. People were held hostage as if in bondage.

No one wanted the experience to end. Those house heads within the planetarium alignment wanted to bathe in its rich aroma forever. In its presence, Tambor was jolted into the next stratosphere. No longer, an underdog Tambor towered among the brightest of stars. Mediocrity was no longer acceptable nor did it reside on the tips of tongues. This experience was it. This was the real deal.

 Photogrpahy by Carlos J. Bell

Video by Ari Johnson/courtesy of Stan Zeff

JAZZANOVA 19.11.09

November 20, 2009

Photography by John Crooms